Building 1931 Amsterdam


At the end of 2017 we started with the assembly of the steel construction and the channel plates of the ground floor at the former Citroën building (South). During the year 2018, the assembly was advanced floor by floor and we have now completed the assembly of the main structure, the channel plates and the roof plates. The light cover construction is mounted in the Atrium and the reinforcement trusses are installed at the location of the old light street. Various reinforcements have been made in the existing construction and work is currently underway to install all kinds of additional structural steel at the instruction of the client.

In addition, we have also been commissioned to deliver and assemble a grandstand construction that was installed in the Atrium. This construction is provided with a hinged stand part, so that people can drive underneath the stand with equipment.

Project information
Stadionplein 22 1076 CM
350 Ton

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Item number 900492
Involved companies Imetaal Staalbouw
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