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Imetaal has 50 years of experience, a sound financial basis and a heart for the profession. What do you get out of it? The certainty of affordable custom-made steel constructions, preceded by extensive technical and architectural advice if required. For this we work with our own draftsmen and engineers and a qualified production team.

More than 55 permanent employees work at Imetaal; we also have a flexible layer of employees that we can use as desired. We have a production capacity of more than 7,000 tonnes of steel per year. We enjoy a solid market position, which continues to grow at home and abroad through the use of our knowledge, creativity and experience.

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BIM en LEAN construction

We design an optimum steel structure for you using tools and working methods (eg LEAN, BIM) based on the latest technology. Thanks to our knowledge of roof and wall cladding, stairs, fencing, floors, roofing, skylights and (overhead) doors, we can incorporate the necessary facilities for this directly into steel construction. We can also design, deliver and assemble these parts for you.

LEAN philosophy

Creating added value for the customer is our motive. We are inspired in part by the Lean philosophy. This has led to the development of our own view of the building process: Lean Building according to Imetaal Staalbouw. In our opinion, the most important pillars under Lean Building are optimal cooperation and the creation of customer value in joint consultation. As we can briefly summarize the ISO 9001: say what you do, do what you say and prove this!

Working according to BIM

Imetaal is used to working according to BIM. BIM stands for Construction Information Model. In this information model, a building has a three-dimensional structure. All ‘common thread’ parties work within the same digital design and provide the model with their own information and store all relevant information during the entire construction process. The model is therefore always up-to-date for all parties. Working with BIM ensures a reduction in failure costs, a reduction in construction time and even better cooperation and ultimately a better result for you; the customer.

Our Team

Wilfried Kemperman
Managing Director
Ardwin van den Berg
Head business office
Uwe Brückmann
Head of work preparation
Luc Temming
Head of the assembly
Eugène van Gestel
Diane Oosterink
Administrative employee
Esmaralda Liebrand
Marco Schruijer
Eric Elshof
Jeffrey Lankveld
Head of Drawing
Huub Botterhuis
Head Production
Jochem de Vroome
Accounts payable


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